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Gradient Cowl

I finally finished my next cowl. This was my travel project from the summer and it suffered from having my needles cut in international security so it was exciting to finish this cowl up, especially now that it is fall … Continue reading

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I think I have a cowl problem

It’s done! My Striped Linen Cowl is complete. I followed the directions on Purl Bee for their Striped Cotton Cowl, but rather than cotton I used linen yarn and rather than thread I used silk yarn for the colors. I … Continue reading

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Blanche’s Baby Blanket

Way back in October I took a cabling class at Fibre Space. It was a great class and turns out cabling is not that difficult. Despite being told that all you need to do is move the stitches over, I … Continue reading

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Metro Yarn Crawl 2013

I made it to four stores during the Metro Yarn Crawl this year – Looped, Knit and Stitch=Bliss, Woolwinders, and The Yarn Spot. I attempted to have a purpose at each store and keep my projects in mind, but that … Continue reading

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Still going

one skein of the white linen yarn to go. Christin Tweet

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Knitting Fails

I recently had some big knitting fails, and I thought I should share. They happened to be on the same day, so it took a little bit to accept my failures and move on in order to share, but I … Continue reading

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Grecian Rib Stitch

I don’t know if I have mentioned my love for Purl Bee patterns, but I love them. Often times they are challenging at first, but with time and practice I have completed all that I have tried and loved them … Continue reading

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Lazy Saturday

Yesterday was a lazy kind of day. I didn’t move much from my spot on the chair and a half, but from the pictures it looks like I did a lot (I didn’t). I was excited to have this kind … Continue reading

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5th Ave Infinity Scarf

I finished my 5th Ave Infinity Scarf this weekend. It looks like Mugar approves the new scarf. As do I! It is really cozy and warm and I didn’t want to take it off once it was on. I found … Continue reading

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Knitting Progress

I thought this infinity scarf would be done in January, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. So close. I can’t believe it is almost February. Christin Tweet

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