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At work I have my students make Wordles all the time as a fun way to see new vocabulary words, or to brainstorm, or to see what word they are over-using. It recognizes words used more frequently and makes those … Continue reading

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Eric Carle Baby Quilt

Earlier this week I did some planning and cutting. This weekend I got to lay it all out, and make it into the big block. All I have to do now is frame it, make a back, baste, quilt, and … Continue reading

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Pimiento Mac and Cheese

I love mac and cheese and trying different varieties. I do have a favorite, which my friends have begun to refer to as Christin’s mac and cheese, and I love that. However, I can’t let that stop me from making … Continue reading

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It’s the end of an era

…or at least I feel that way. Yesterday I finished up the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series – A Dance with Dragons. I have been reading these books since April or May; I can’t even … Continue reading

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I made this orzo and shrimp salad for a picnic this weekend. It has a mustard and dill dressing that I was not so sure about, but I really liked it. I was really worried about getting this salad to the … Continue reading

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Bacon, Corn, and Pesto Tortellinis

I wasn’t taking pictures of the making of this meal because I didn’t think that it would be “blog-worthy.” I was just using ingredients that I had and I wasn’t following a recipe. Then, I thought that I should definitely … Continue reading

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Jorge’s Soccer Sock Kindle Sleeves

These three are for Jorge (If you don’t recall, he saved the blog from the evil hacker so he needs to get presents). A while ago, I hope Jorge remembers, I saw him either sticking in or pulling out his … Continue reading

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Sweet Strawberry Tea

The bf is in love with sweet tea so I keep our fridge stocked. I had high hopes of making flavored tea but have not wanted to buy concentrate or syrup to add to the tea. While grocery shopping I … Continue reading

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While at the grocery store last night, I exclaimed, “Oh, let’s get the chicken thighs. They are on sale.” To which I got the reply, “Who eats thighs?” So here goes –  a chicken thigh recipe. This recipe is written … Continue reading

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All done!

I finished the Wonky Star Baby Quilt and it will be off to Charlotte some time this week. I was at my parents’ for the long weekend so I took some pictures (with Kevin as a very patient holder) outside … Continue reading

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