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Cooking/Baking in 2011

1. pasta , 2. All done , 3. Buffalo Chicken Shells , 4. scottish egg , 5. IMG_1674, 6. Dinosaur BBQ sauce , 7. IMG_1529, 8. IMG_1676, 9. BASSP sandwich , 10. both plates , 11. whole meal , 12. … Continue reading

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Basting – Check

I’m getting closer with this one but will miss the 2011 deadline. Darn. Another fun gaget from Christmas – my magno-grip wrist band. Next step – quilting. Christin Tweet

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Sewing/Quilting in 2011

1. oops my toes got in , 2. Block 2, 3. Front, 4. Two More Kindle Covers, 5. Kindle Cover, 6. Planning and cutting , 7. soccer sock kindle covers , 8. Hurricane Irene Quilting, 9. with the ipad inside, … Continue reading

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Homemade Pasta Taste Test

I got a pasta maker for Christmas and I was very excited to give it a whirl this week. The bf’s mom taught me how to make pasta a while back but I have not been able to put my … Continue reading

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Playstation Remote Pillow

My only home-sewn present this year was a pillow case for the bf. He always asks me if I mind that he plays video games, and really I don’t care. I am usually sewing, cooking, crafting, blogging, writing reports for … Continue reading

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Prosciutto Chicken with Potato Pancakes

I don’t really order chicken out because I assume that I can make chicken recipes. However, sometimes I avoid chicken recipes because I think beef, pork, and others are more exciting even though I like chicken. Lately, though, I have … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Cookies

I have been making the majority of the Christmas cookies for my family since I’m not sure when. I have a hard time sticking to the same varieties, but we have landed on some favorites – including the cake ball. … Continue reading

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Pillow Lesson

Sometimes people want me to make them things, but sometimes they want to do it themselves, so I taught my friend, Rachel, how to make her very own pillow. She did great.  She may be slightly obsessed with argyle so … Continue reading

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Scrappy Stockings

I have never had a stocking besides the stocking that Santa fills. I don’t want to confuse Santa, but I also wanted to hang stockings with care, so I dug into my scrap shoe box and came up with a … Continue reading

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Heavenly Bacon Bites

My advice it to make these immediately. Don’t stop and think just go to the grocery store and buy Club crackers, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. That is all you need. GO! Now get out a baking sheet and put a … Continue reading

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