Sweet Strawberry Tea

The bf is in love with sweet tea so I keep our fridge stocked. I had high hopes of making flavored tea but have not wanted to buy concentrate or syrup to add to the tea. While grocery shopping I found this:


It was hanging from one of the racks that usually have kitschy not necessary items, but I immediately knew that I needed it. It was a need, not a want. Strawberries were on sale so that will be the first sweet tea that I will try.

Here we go.

I filled the infuser with sliced strawberries.

strawberry filled infuser

I made sweet tea like normal. Just in case you want to know, bring a pot of water to boil. Add 2 cups of sugar and stir until dissolved. Turn off the burner. Steep iced tea bags for about 5 minutes (or follow the directions on the box). Pour the really strong tea into you pitcher. Then, add the same amount of cold water. I guestimate by doubling the height. I throw in some ice to allow for quicker consumption as well. Toady, I also got to throw in the infuser.

infuser in

I set my timer for 30 minutes.

30 mins

Then I not so patiently waited. I immediately had a sip when I heard the timer buzz, and realized that I wanted more strawberry flavor so I will let it sit over night to allow for more infusing. Can’t wait! Did I say bf loves sweet tea so I make it for him (shhhh don’t tell that I’m excited too).


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One Response to Sweet Strawberry Tea

  1. Colleen says:

    I am bummed that peach season is over as I think that will make a delightful sweet tea. Looking forward to seeing what else you infuse!

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