Jorge’s Soccer Sock Kindle Sleeves

These three are for Jorge (If you don’t recall, he saved the blog from the evil hacker so he needs to get presents). A while ago, I hope Jorge remembers, I saw him either sticking in or pulling out his Kindle from a soccer sock and he saw me looking. He then went on to explain that he didn’t have a cover, and I offered to make him one. Guess what, there are three! They can fit the moods of the day or match your bag or tie. I don’t know, but I loved the idea, so I couldn’t stop at one.

Here are the socks that I started with:

pile of socks

These were so simple to make. The fabric is super stretchy so although they look thin, they fit the Kindle like a glove or a sock.I just put in an actually Kindle and then marked the length.


Then you turn the sock inside out and sew a straight line and a zigzag  line. I cut the rest of the sock off. I played with making a cover from the sock end but it was really difficult to finish the cut edge so I stopped. I like the idea of the toe line being at the base of the Kindle but oh well.

I made a black, green, and yellow version for Jorge to use as he pleases. The blue sock actually ended up to be a little to thin (maybe it would work for an iPod or something like that).  The socks were all brand new,just in case you wondered.

black soccer sock kindle cover

soccer sock kindle covers

soccer sock kindle covers

Happy reading, Jorge!


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3 Responses to Jorge’s Soccer Sock Kindle Sleeves

  1. These are seriously the coolest Kindle covers ever. I’m so excited to use them/not have to explain that I wore the sock covering my kindle at one time. Thanks!

  2. Colleen says:

    These are so cool! What a great idea for a boy kindle owner!!

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