shrimp and orzo

I made this orzo and shrimp salad for a picnic this weekend. It has a mustard and dill dressing that I was not so sure about, but I really liked it. I was really worried about getting this salad to the picnic because of the shrimp. We were headed out to some wineries in Loudon Country, VA, which is about an hour drive and I thought trunk shrimp would be just about the worst to eat. So I was careful to keep it in the fridge until the last minute and immediately put a freezer pack on top and wrap it all up in a towel. Who knew it was unseasonably cold and rainy that day and that the salad would then freeze on the drive? Not me.

For the picnic I also concocted a new sandwich – the BASSP sandwich. That stands for the bacon, arugula, shallot, steak, and provolone sandwich.

What you need is all of the following ingredient in one spot in your kitchen (this was the hardest part for me)

pretzel rolls







Pull some of middle of the rolls out to fit more goodies. Spread some mustard onto the roll. I found this order the easiest to fit. One one half of the roll, lay a slice of bacon and then pile on some arugula. On the other half of the roll, add some shallots, lay the steak on top and then pile on the cheese. Take the two halves and smush together and then immediately wrap with tin foil.

BASSP sandwich

Bake the sandwiches at 350 for about 25 minutes. Then, pack them up and off to the picnic!


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One Response to Picnic

  1. Colleen says:

    These sandwiches were AMAZING! I loved everything about them and would eat them everyday if it were an option. The orzo salad was also great, the frozen cucumbers gave it a little extra crunch.

    Thanks for making the picnic!!

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