It’s the end of an era

…or at least I feel that way. Yesterday I finished up the fifth book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series – A Dance with Dragons. I have been reading these books since April or May; I can’t even remember. I’m not a fast reader, but I read a lot and I was sucked into all of the books – all of them. Read as, despite some negativity about the last two from the bf I still was totally enthralled. Apparently there are seven planned, but there were 11 years between book 4 and book 5 and the author is no spring chicken. Although I’ll be pretty mad if I don’t know what happens, I suspect it isn’t what I think/want anyway, so I’ll just keep imagining what I want to happen for the next twenty two years.

On to  -

The Help

I made my mom buy this book over a year ago, and she plowed through it and has been waiting for me to read it ever since. Oops.

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