Mom’s Recipe Request Search Has Begun

My mom asked me to find a pasta recipe that had olives and was warm. I started with an Epicurious search (while in the grocery store) and the Pasta with Chickpeas and Charred Tomatoes stuck out to me because it had hummus, olives, cilantro, chickpeas – all favorites when I’m cooking. However, something did not go well. While the end product was not inedible is was just blah. I actually liked it cold the next day better (which is rare for me). Here are some pictures just for fun:


add the chickpeas


all finished

I will keep looking, Mom.


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3 Responses to Mom’s Recipe Request Search Has Begun

  1. Hannah says:

    Kathleen has one…

  2. Susan (Mom) says:

    I can still taste this yummy idea. Thanks for working on it. I picture the longer thin pastas like you brought me from Italy. Yours does look kind of pretty and yummy though. Love, Mom

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