This week at game night we played a new game – Identik.


There was some hesitation after I gave the premise, but after the first round eveyone seemed to agree that it was pretty fun.

The premise (that some people did not seem to get into) – one person describes a picture that they see and everyone else draws what the person is describing. After the timer is up, the scoring characteristics are revealed. There is a confusing grid, record-keeping, scoring thinger-ma-bobber that we ignored.

I loved when the pictures were revealed – too funny! Take a look at our artistic skills.




I love new games!


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One Response to Identik

  1. Colleen says:

    I thought this game was GREAT. It was so funny when the pictures were revealed! I had a little bit of anxiety when I was the describer, but you get over that by the second round.

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