Scottish Eggs

Last weekend, I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which was super fun. It was my friend Rob’s birthday and he had his doubts about the renaissance festival; however, I think he was a believer at the end of the day. I on the other hand was a believer from the beginning and embraced most everything. I got my face painted, wore a crown of flowers, saw a joust, got lost in a maze, threw throwing stars, knives and tomahawks, and ate. There was so much food. When we got back to Rob’s house, he set out to recreate the Scottish eggs, which he didn’t get to eat at the fair. From here on out, Rob is in charge with some help from another good friend, Rachel, and I did nothing but sit on the couch waiting. I’m not taking any credit with the food, but merely trying to share the delicious-ness that is the Scottish egg.

What you need (Rob just had everything ready, like he knew):
- deep fryer
- eggs
- ground sausage

Hard boil the eggs.
hardboil eggs

Be gentle so as not that have this happen:

Peel the eggs.
peel the egg

Flatten out some sausage.
prepare the sausage

Surround the eggs with sausage.
cover the egg with sausage

Deep fry.
in the fryer

scottish egg

scottish egg

Thanks for frying Rob and Rachel because they were delicious. Something that I realized – much of my food involves food being surrounded by meat. Hmmm. I wonder what that says about me.


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