My brother introduced this new game to me, and I lost. Well, to clarify we all lost. The game won and is (that I know) unbeaten. This game is different because it is cooperative. It is the players versus the game. The whole name is Pandemic: A Cooperative Game of Global Outbreak. The goal is to stop the outbreaks and eradicate the diseases that are spreading across the globe. Each player has a role/occupation that gives them special abilities in hopes that as a team you can figure out how to stop the spread of diseases, share knowledge in order to discover cures, and eradicate disease.

My friends got pretty into the game. These quotes may or may have not been said – “Next time can we wear costumes?” “I feel like we should play this game in a bunker to keep the world safe.”

The pictures of the game make it look – hmm – I’m not sure but not the most current. Here are some pictures of the role cards to give ¬†you an idea.

good graphics

when was this game made?

Here is the losing photo – boo.

We lost

So close. We discovered two cures and had the cards ready for a third, but just could not stop the outbreaks in time. Darn. Next time we will save the world!

Sorry world.


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  1. Colleen says:

    This game is so SO fun. I can’t wait to save the world!

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