Christmas Frames

Way back in Halloween I pinned this thinking about making a Christmas variation.


It is from a blog – Kikicreates – that I actually know of because I searched that domain name to see if it existed. It does, and I really like all the ideas on there. There is sewing, crafting, printable downloads, and more.

I feel like sometimes I pin things thinking that I will totally do them, but I forget because the virtual cork board isn’t glaring me in the face like the pictures and recipes I actually print out and leave around the apartment. Oh – for those not familiar with “pinning” what I’m referring to is marking pictures to a website called Pinterest. The social website shares your virtual ¬†cork boards¬†with your Pinterest friends and alerts you when someone repinned or “liked” your pin. It is a fun way to see creative ideas and save/mark ideas that you want to try. I get a little frustrated by over repinners because then the same items show up every month.

Back to Christmas crafting – I wanted to put JOY in frames. Joy is one of my favorite Christmas words because the whole season makes me happy and joyful. I got these frames on clearance at Target and planned out my layout quickly after getting home from the store.

getting a good layout

I cut out the letters and put contrasting Christmas colors behind the cut out. That’s it.


Now when I look at the bookcase – Joy! The frames have an immediate effect.

Happy Christmas Season!


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One Response to Christmas Frames

  1. Colleen says:

    These are adorable! I am loving all of your Christmas crafting this year.

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