Pillow Lesson

Sometimes people want me to make them things, but sometimes they want to do it themselves, so I taught my friend, Rachel, how to make her very own pillow. She did great.  She may be slightly obsessed with argyle so when I found the gray argyle fabric I made her buy it. We then went to my stash looking for some other fabric and found some variations of purple to coordinate with a purple wall in her apartment. I threw in some green as contrast. She trusted me.

fabric selection

With determination, patience, and some seam ripping, she pieced a beautiful pillow top.

pillow top

Then with some more determination, patience, and little more seam ripping she had a pillow cover!

all done

It is so cute! I’m so proud and Rachel is happy with her final product.

so proud

She seems to have caught the homemade bug and has promised others that they may receive a pillow in their future. I’m excited to see what she can make in my little sweat shop (what Rachel likes to call my sewing corner).

Good job, Rachel! Some others have asked for lessons and were not able to take me up on my offer yet, so hopefully my first successful student will pave the way for those others who want to learn.


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One Response to Pillow Lesson

  1. Susan (Mom) says:

    Congratulations to Rachel. She looks quite proud of her project. It’s beautiful.

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