Merry Christmas Cookies

I have been making the majority of the Christmas cookies for my family since I’m not sure when. I have a hard time sticking to the same varieties, but we have landed on some favorites – including the cake ball. Thank you, Bakerella.  I tried to make Santa hats this year. I think they are a little sad looking but everyone else likes them. I made some Christmas trees as well since I really like those, but apparently I forgot to take a picture of them.

Santa hat cake balls

I like them better when I see them all thrown into the tupperware.

lots of Santa hats

I also made some chocolate chip cookies since I learned that this is the food of choice for the bf if he is only allowed one type of food. I had to make them when I learned that.

Chocolate Chip cookies

I also made one of my new favorites, hazelnut shortbread cookies. For these I recommend rolling the dough into a log and refrigerating the dough for a while (half an hour) before slicing and baking.

hazelnut shortbread cookies

My brother usually requests mini cheesecakes, but instead of those I went with cheesecake dip so we could dip the other cookies into the cheesecake yumminess. I am pretty excited about this one. It is so easy to do (beat together cream cheese and fluff – done) and it is lick the beaters AND bowl good. I may or may not have done that – there is no proof.

cheesecake dip

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas!



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One Response to Merry Christmas Cookies

  1. Colleen says:

    I left some cake balls out for Santa last night. It looks like he liked them. Merry Christmas!

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