Homemade Pasta Taste Test

I got a pasta maker for Christmas and I was very excited to give it a whirl this week.

pretty new machine

The bf’s mom taught me how to make pasta a while back but I have not been able to put my new knowledge to use until now. I spent the day kneading and resting (for the dough and for me).

messy volcano

first one


getting there


ball of dough

This process was noticably more difficult by myself. I think during my lesson, I was listening as ingredients magically appeared in my dough. I will have to work on smoothing out my process a little.

Then came the fun part. I got to roll it all out and then cut the dough into perfect fettucinis.





I also got this nifty stand for my ipad when I’m cooking. It worked so nicely when I had messy hands. It was a little difficulty to press the home button so I think that I need to put something heavy behind it so the stand won’t move.

Belkin stand

To put my skills to the test, I made a little taste test for the bf. He wasn’t allowed in the kitchen and didn’t see what I made. I told him one bowl was store bought and one was homemade. I served these with the same sauce but forgot to take a picture of that. Oops.

taste test

Which one is which? Which one tastes better?

which one?

He liked the Buitolli (and thought it was homemade). Darn. Oh well, just means that I have to practice some more. I hope we have some snow days this winter. This is an excellent day off activity.


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