Playstation Remote Pillow

My only home-sewn present this year was a pillow case for the bf. He always asks me if I mind that he plays video games, and really I don’t care. I am usually sewing, cooking, crafting, blogging, writing reports for work, or reading. I think that there was one time where I asked to watch TV rather than the Dragon saga video game. So, I thought I would make him something for when he plays video games. I made him a pillow cover; I even used his college’s colors – Dickinson red.

I think the hardest part was having something to tell Bf that I did all day when I was working on the pillow. I paper pieced the top, which I had never done before, so it took me longer than a typical project. I wanted to have something to show for my day, but couldn’t tell him about the pillow, so I mixed making Christmas cookies with sewing, making this project take even longer.

paper piecing

almost there

paper piecing done

It has been on the couch for about three days and it is already well worn; look at all those wrinkles. I’m taking that as a sign of love.

Playstation Remote Pillow


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