Cooking/Baking in 2011

Sewing/Quilting 2011

1. pasta , 2. All done , 3. Buffalo Chicken Shells , 4. scottish egg , 5. IMG_1674, 6. Dinosaur BBQ sauce , 7. IMG_1529, 8. IMG_1676, 9. BASSP sandwich , 10. both plates , 11. whole meal , 12. Mac and Cheese with Bacon, Goat Cheese, and Shallots , 13. lasanga , 14. Garlic Scapes , 15. Waffle sandwich , 16. ready to eat , 17. Look at all those tots, 18. Close up , 19. chicken , 20. surprise , 21. Samoas stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies , 22. Valentine’s Meal , 23. texas beef brisket chili , 24. Finished , 25. Santa hat cake balls

This was so hard to make. There were so many meals that I kind of forgot about, and then there were some that I left out because otherwise the pictures would have been teeny tiny. Making these mosaics have been really fun for me. Even though I had an issue with a hacker midway through the year setting the acutal blog back, I still have all the photos from the whole year.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Colleen says:

    You made so many delicious things this year! I totally forgot about the girl scout cookie cookies! I was lucky enough to have been fed lots of things out of your kitchen this year and love thinking about all the memories that I have attached to your food.

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