Learning Something New

I officially am learning (or relearning as my mom claims) how to knit. Yay! I’m pretty excited to be learning a new craft. Since the fall, I have been trying to sign up for a beginning knitting class with Stitch DC and finally I had the weekend space to do it. It was perfect timing because who doesn’t want to curl up under a quilt and knit the day away during winter?

New yarn and needles

My friend, Colleen, and I signed ourselves up for the three week course with Stitch DC – Beginning Knitting. My mom says I’m relearning because at one point in my life I could knit and pearl (the motion with the needles), but I couldn’t ever cast on (start a project), cast off (end a project), or finish anything by tucking in tails. After one class, I now know how to cast on, knit, and do stripes and I’m on my way to a scarf.

such perfect balls of yarn

This is how far I got at the end of class.

not very far

This is our goal (Maureen, our teacher made this one):

Goal Scarf

I already messed up my stripes a little, but I’m trying really hard not to be bothered and to embrace the mistake.


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  1. Susan (Mom) says:

    The yarns look beautiful. I hope you are enjoying knitting (again). You are encouraging me to pick it up again.

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