Addie’s iPad Sleeve

Another iPad sleeve! I’m a little slow. My friend Colleen designed this in November I think. Oops. Sorry Addie. Although you didn’t know about it so you can’t be too mad. I hope the sleeve keeps your iPad nice and warm.

Addie's iPad Cover

The inside is stripes. I liked that little touch.

Addie's iPad Cover

I like that this looks Valentine’s Day themed given the current time even though it really is not. The center fabric is from my mom’s old fabric section, and is super cute.


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2 Responses to Addie’s iPad Sleeve

  1. Susan (Mom) says:

    I love the old fabric put to use. It is super cute. It lives

  2. Colleen says:

    This turned out super cute – although ‘designed’ is a little strong. I believe the conversation was more ‘well Addie like animals and the I stole your heart fabric is adorable. Use that.’ I love the stripes!

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