Project Life Week 9

Week 9

I made it into Week 9 four times! I’m counting a picture of my feet as a picture of me (I was excited to be wearing spring flats because it was warm out).

Week 9

Here are my pages:

Week 9

Week 9

I have been using post-it flags that my mom gave me for Christmas to add little notes to some pictures. I like adding notes or captions this way as well as using the journaling cards. I also tried taing pictures from different perspectives this week (less half head shots). I ended up with a lot of pictures of feet. I also had a lot with tables or counters and no heads what so ever, which I ended up not really liking for printing, but they are interesting to look at. I continue to take mostly candid shots. I try to be sneaky, but I heard some “Here comes Christin’s camera” this week, so I don’t think I’m succeeding at that. I already know that I have been taking pictures of objects and things that have made me happy so far this week, so I wonder how it will turn out and how it will be different?


Project Life is a scrapbooking system/kit designed by Becky Higgins, who happened to recently share that some new products are available.

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One Response to Project Life Week 9

  1. Colleen says:

    So many pictures of you! I love all the photos of people laughing. What a great week!

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