Stained Glass Window Quilt Top

I did some sewing! It has been a while, but it felt good to sit at my machine. I’ve had the blocks from the Block-a-palooza that happened last winter sitting on my shelves for far to long. I didn’t make all of the blocks and I wasn’t crazy about the final layout suggested (it just wasn’t me) so the blocks just sat. In January, I had a stint of jury duty in which during ¬†our breaks in the courtroom, you know the ones where the lawyers talk silently to the judge, I would doodle quilt tops and pillows in my Juror #7 notebook. It was then that I thought of taking nine of the blocks and make a big nine patch since many of the blocks played with nine patches. Then use a plain background and do some overlapping straight line quilting. I used Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley line for the blocks and I thought that went nicely with the Kona Gray that I had (I think it is coal – oops I should know that).

Quilt top

I have to re-figure out my plan for the quilting part becuase of course they don’t let you keep you juror notebooks. Also I need to make a quilt back, but at least the top is complete. When I held the quilt up to take it into the bedroom to try to take pictures, it really reminded me of a stained glass window the way the light shines through – hence the name.

Quilt top

I was pretty excited to get this far. I hope you like it.


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  1. Colleen says:

    I think these blocks are so pretty. I like the one with with orange border and the pinwheel in the center the best. Glad you are quilting again!

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