Lemoyne Star

Another Purl Bee inspired project – the striped star. I thought that I could make this the same size as the Stained Glass Window block and then the star would be the focal point of a pieced back. It was way harder than I thought.

I attempted to figure out the math for the enlarged block on my own.

quilting math

I figured out the math, but not exactly the steps and how large the sheets of stripped sections needed to be to cut at the correct angle. Then I looked up the pattern in my quilting books. The lemoyne star was described in pictures.


I laided everything on the floor in hopes that would help, and it did.

laying out the lemoyne star

When I had all the pieces attached, I really liked how the stripes of Hope Valley worked, but I didn’t do so well with the accuracy. The block does not lay flat, so I’m still debating if I should attempt to fix or if I should start over (or try to deal).

Lemoyne Star

I will think on it.


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One Response to Lemoyne Star

  1. Colleen says:

    Did you decide what to do about this yet? I cast my vote for dealing with it. It’s still very impressive to me.

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