The Kennedy iPad Sleeve

I had a request to make an iPad 2 sleeve for a good friend’s mom who is also the person who lent her kitchen for the Tots Project of 2011 — that information got deleted in the blog heist but here is a picture:

Baked Potato

Colleen, the daughter, helped pick out the fabric. She selected two from Amy Butler’s Love collection that I had. I designed something simple to let the prints shine. Here is the picture diary that documents the making of the iPad sleeve.

The plan


In pieces

laying it out

I couldn’t find my iPad for a while and here it was the whole time. The sleeve is for an iPad 2 with a smart case so that is why my clunker of an iPad fits, too (and just in case she doesn’t like it and needs to give it back – hehe).

with the ipad inside

Basted with pins (Look how sunny my new sewing balcony is!)

basted with pins

Some quick diagonal straight-line quilting

some quick quilting

A peek at the inside lining

with a peek at the inside

And we’re done!

all done

I hope  that Mrs. Kennedy enjoys the case and that the iPad 2 (with smart cover) fits!

If anyone wants more directions for making a similar sleeve, let me know.




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