Project Life Updated

I have been neglecting my poor blog because it is spring and fun to be outside and doing things. However, my allergies caught up to me, so I took an evening in with my Project Life book. I had one week un-posted and two to do to catch up. I succeeded. Let’s go back in time to week 16.

week 16

week 16

Now look at this cutie in week 17. My friend had her bachelorette party right down the road from my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. It was a good weekend.

Week 17

Now, for last week (week 18). Sadly the Phillies lost to the Nationals and Teddy also lost the presidents race. There were rumors that if the park sold out that Teddy would have his first win ever, but no such luck. We had Cinco de Mayo brunch at kickball and the mid-season party. On Sunday, I supported District Crossfit, the gym that I go to, at Regionals. Jenn Jones took the whole competition and the team placed sixth!

Week 18

Week 18

Few, I feel so much better from being inside all night and for catching myself up. I’ll be back with soon. I promise.


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