Project Life Weeks 20-22

Oops I got a little behind. I had three problems over the last weeks that slowed me down. None of which are big problems, so keep in mind I’m not really complaining:

1) I started to scrapbook my Belize book and made a mess, making it difficult to work on Project Life (although I was really having fun working on the Belize book – I’m about half way done).

2) I ran out of color ink.

3) I got a new phone that takes pictures and got confused about where my pictures were. Camera v. Phone?

Enough with the complaining (I know); here are the weeks.

Week 20

Project Life Week 20

I tried to get some different angles at the Nats game. It was a free hat day so I tried to show all the red in the crowd.

Week 21

Project Life Week 21

So much happened this week that I had some troubles selecting photos. I did a lot of cooking. I did some Belize scrapbooking (made a mess). My car broke when I tried to drive to my parents, so I took the train. I saw my grandma, uncle, brother, sister-in-law, adorable nephew, and my parents. I like these busy weeks because there are more pictures and less writing, which makes the pages come together a little quicker.

Week 22

It’s a good one because

Project Life Week 22

Baby Mugar is in it! Do you see the picture of our pup? She is born but will not come home until July 15th. I’m super excited. The breeder sends pictures each week. Robin, the breeder, even commented some people make scrapbooks. Don’t worry I have that covered.

Project Life Week 22

Not a lot of crafting in the pictures. I have been knitting a lot, but no finishes, and I have not touched the sewing machine. However, I do have a break from school coming up in which I have a lot of lofty goals. We will see what gets done. I’ll keep you posted.


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One Response to Project Life Weeks 20-22

  1. Addie says:

    And here I was going to comment that kolhrabi was sooooo three weeks ago! :)

    So excited about your little furry addition. He’ll be here soon enough. As a proud puppy parent I can attest, setting rules and boundries is very important early on – you can relax on some of them later, but having a well trained furry guy is so much more enjoyable than the alternative. When in doubt, treats always work.

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