5th Ave Infinity Scarf

Long weekend

I finished my 5th Ave Infinity Scarf this weekend. It looks like Mugar approves the new scarf.

Long weekend

As do I! It is really cozy and warm and I didn’t want to take it off once it was on. I found that when I picked this project up mid-knitting I had a hard time seeing what to do, so I set up a reminder system in my Notes app on my iPhone. I just wrote out the repeats and moved a “–” in front of what I should be doing. This helped so much, more then the knitting apps I found.

I also made some headway on my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks this weekend, but no where close to a quilt.

Long weekend

Long weekend


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  1. Colleen says:

    This scarf is so pretty! In the pictures you can’t totally see the gold in the yarn, which is my favorite part, but I love the pics of you and Mugar.

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