Lazy Saturday

Yesterday was a lazy kind of day. I didn’t move much from my spot on the chair and a half, but from the pictures it looks like I did a lot (I didn’t).

I was excited to have this kind of day because two more Oscar nominated movies became available On Demand. Each year I try to watch as many Oscar nominated movies as possible, and this year I have done the best ever watching all of the Best Picture nominees and finishing 6 or 7 other categories. So while watching Anna Karenina and Hitchcock, I also roasted a leg of lamb (Julia Child recipe),

Lazy Saturday

made some sides of course,

Lazy Saturday

Lazy Saturday

played with the pup,

Lazy Saturday

and did some knitting (sorry the picture is kind of blurry).

Lazy Saturday

I really struggled with starting this Grecian Rib Scarf so I took some pictures of the process too, but they were also blurry and my nails were chipped. I will post (hopefully non-blurry photos) when I can. I think it took me seven cast ons, but it was only five stitches so it wasn’t like the casting on took long.

Excited for the Oscars tonight!



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One Response to Lazy Saturday

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m bummed I missed Anna K, but hoping to catch it on a plane in the near future. And that lamb looks amazing.

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