Oscar Night 2013

Oscar Night

For many people Oscar Night was Sunday night, but for me it was last night. I think I have mentioned before the quest to watch as many Oscar nominated movies as possible. This year we decided that the person who predicted the most winners should also get an Oscar for Best Oscar Predictor. I was nominated to make that Oscar.

Oscar Night

I used Twig and Thistles’ 2012 Oscar printables to make the paper Oscar and to line the envelope. I can’t say that I am the most precise with scissors, but I think that the winner enjoyed her award. Sadly it was not me that got to take the Oscar home.

Oscar Night

The winner was truly surprised and humble (as were the servers at Mandu).

Oscar Night

Some of my favorite movies of the 2013 Oscar Movie watch:
- Wreck It Ralph: hilarious! Bonus – we were the only adults in the movie theater without an 8 year old asking us what was so funny.

- Anna Karenina: I was immersed in the beauty and it reminded me of a ballet with the use of movement and stillness to tell the viewer what to pay attention to. I also thought the use of stages to transition between settings was a quirky difference. I didn’t think I would like it so much so it really stuck out to me as a good one.

- Argo – so glad that it won.

Oscar Night

Congrats to the winner! Ready for Blockbuster summer movies now.


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One Response to Oscar Night 2013

  1. Colleen says:

    This was so exciting! I love the Oscar Watch every year and this was an excellent new twist to the season.

    Three of my favorites this year were Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty and Wreck-it Ralph. I can’t get over how much I loved Wreck-it. Everyone should go see it!

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