Blanche’s Crib Skirt

Baby Blanche, my future niece, should be arriving shortly. Her mother asked me to fashion a crib skirt for her new room in their brand new house. Since the house is brand new to them (closed today!) and they have a brand new baby arriving shortly, the green carpet and blue walls of Blanche’s room are staying for the time being.

Crib Skirt

I sent Margo the link to Hawthorne Threads, which is great at organizing their fabrics into color and coordinating colors, and she selected several favorites and favs. I went with the one she labeled “favorite.”

Crib Skirt

Margo wanted a simple gathered/ruffled look, but was having trouble finding what she wanted.

Crib Skirt

It was hard to take a photo of the crib skirt since I don’t have a crib, so I used the banister. It will be sent off to Vermont once I can get to the post office.


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One Response to Blanche’s Crib Skirt

  1. Colleen says:

    This is so pretty! I love the fabric that Margo picked out and I’m sure Blanche will be adorable all snuggled up in her new crib.

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