Project Life 2013

is happening, but apparently I just have not been telling anyone about it. Here are the most recent pages I completed:

Project Life

I have kind of random weeks completed and have been dealing with some computer, phone, printer issues that have made my January photos fall into the deep dark hole of “old technology.” I got this fancy new photo printer for Christmas, so I could print from my phone, which has been so nice. However, I had uploaded some pictures to my MacBook without realizing that the printer software is too new for the my old laptop.

Also, the bf starting working from home after the new year so we updated the office furniture to get a lot more storage for all the paper and binders that come with working at home. In that overhaul, I got a beautiful new standing desk just for Project Life!

Out with the old (Mugar the dog is so helpful) -


In with the new -


So empty and clean. I don’t have a picture with all our stuff back in the room, which maybe is a good thing.

I will continue to plug away at Project Life this year, but I think at my own pace and with less of a strict week by week set up. I still really like attempting to capture the everyday along side the big moments, so that is what I will aim for.


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