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Happy Apple Blossom Festival! A green and pink explosion occurred out in Winchester, VA this past week. I went for the weekend parade and other festivities, and brought with me some scarves.

This was the first I made with Addie in mind. She went with the pink on the outside when she wore it this past weekend and wrapped it three times.


After the first, I realized many more were needed. Here’s the second:

SCARF 5.jpeg

I opted to use this yellow rather than another green for the third, which made it a little less Apple Blossom-y, but I made up for it with a green t-shirt:


And the fourth is still an enigma to me. When draped it looks remarkably similar to the last three, but really it is half the width and twice the length so wrapped four times around. I’m not really even sure how it happened.


Can’t wait for Apple Blossom 2014!


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One Response to Apple Blossom Scarves

  1. Colleen says:

    Apple Blossom was a SERIOUS pink and green explosion. These scarves are so pretty and were perfect as it was a little chilly over the weekend.

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