The Beginning of Wedding Crafts

Not much crafting can be done as of now for the wedding, but I had to do something so I made cute cards for my bridal party asking them to “bee” in my wedding.

I used the Rhonna Designs app on my phone to make the front and back of the card.

Everyone got the same front
Bridal Party

I made this one using the “mask” feature so that you can have the overlay in front of the picture. Then I added a test box over that for the “will you?”

I made two backs. One for maid of honor
Bridal Party

and one for bridesmaid
Bridal Party

I started with a background and added the love stamp. Then, I added each line of the text as a separate text box so I could change the font and color, re-size, and move the text box around. Then I added the bee from the images that came with the app.

I printed the “pictures” on card stock and used washi tape to attach it to a more colorful piece of card stock. Then I tied the card to their gift (it was a bee necklace) and I was ready to go.

Bridal Party

I also printed a quick ringer bearer card to go with the bear I got for my two year old nephew from Wedding Chicks’s free printables.

Bridal Party

Although he is a little young for a card and just threw that so he could go show his bear to his mommy.



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