Gradient Cowl


I finally finished my next cowl. This was my travel project from the summer and it suffered from having my needles cut in international security so it was exciting to finish this cowl up, especially now that it is fall and time to wear it.


I used Shibui’s Gradient pattern available online here.


I debated on the order of the colors the whole time I was making this cowl and like the way it came out. One of the first steps of making the cowl is to wind the yarn into three equal sized balls. I don’t know that I spent enough time on that step hence the different sized stripes.


I like the random sizes, but it was not super fun wondering how much yarn I would have for each section. Oh well. All done now.

Happy Fall!


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One Response to Gradient Cowl

  1. Colleen says:

    This turned out so pretty and has such a good story with it’s travels!

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