Race to the Finish – Baby Blanket

Baby Mentrikoski is due to arrive in March, but the shower was this past weekend. The invitations went out right before Thanksgiving, which was when I accepted the challenge to finish both a baby quilt and a knitted baby blanket (I challenged myself).

I bought the materials the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and started immediately, dedicating all of Thanksgiving break to knitting (and the stomach flu).

photo 1

I spent most nights excited by my progress as I added new stripes. Each time I was excited to add a stripe I was so sad to see all the skeins still left in the knitting basket.

photo 3

The last two were the hardest because I just kept thinking I was a little closer than I was. Despite all that work, I still had some to add the morning of the shower. I set to work in the car.

You can see the pup under the blanket there because she was on my lap too. Even though we sat in a parking lot for a little less than a half hour to allow me to finish, we were not late for the shower and the blanket was all finished.

car knitting

The colors look different in all the photos, but I think it is more like the colors in the car shot. I went with purple (future dad’s favorite color) and aqua. I used the Lorelei Blanket pattern again.

Mentrikoski Baby Blanket

I hope the blanket has many snuggle sessions in its future.


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4 Responses to Race to the Finish – Baby Blanket

  1. Colleen says:

    I can’t believe that you knit a blanket in a month. You are such a fast knitter! This turned out so pretty and I agree the picture in the car are the truest colors.

  2. Wendy says:

    This is so pretty! You are quiet talented.

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