Race to the Finish – Baby Quilt

I made the opposite Big Start Quilt for my second niece using the tutorial for the Giant Vintage Star on In Color Order since it comes together so quickly.

photo 3

I quilted a shadow of the star and then continued to follow that line with varying widths between the stitching (in pink of course).

photo 1

I shrunk size of the triangles a little so it was baby quilt sized and then backed it was Minky fabric to make it super cuddly.

back quilt

I’m having some technological difficulties and can not crop the photo (or rotate) so you see my helpers legs sticking out the wrong way. Ooops.

I can’t wait to meet the little girl.

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3 Responses to Race to the Finish – Baby Quilt

  1. Colleen says:

    This looks so cozy! I love the big star.

  2. Susan (Mom) says:

    Beautiful and so thoughtful.

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