Little Big Herringbone Cowl


I wanted a taller cowl to cover my nose during the winter months and I find that double wrap cowls don’t sit as high so I wanted a single loop, but I also have been gazing at the Big Herringbone Cowl on Purl Bee (shocking), so I decided to make a little version.


There is some great info in the comments on the pattern that Whit adds to answer questions and one of them mentioned that any number of stitches to start would work so I just filled the needle, which I borrowed from the fiance’s mom and she didn’t know what size it was. I guess there will be no replicating this one. I used Madeline Tosh Chunky yarn in Mica. I love the feel of the soft yarn combined with the cushy knit.


The seam in the back where you change stitches is a little noticeable, but you won’t see that under my hair so no biggie.


Good thing it is freezing cold outside so I can wear this immediately.

Stay warm!


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2 Responses to Little Big Herringbone Cowl

  1. Colleen says:

    This one will be good for walking Mugar in the freezing cold.

    • Christin says:

      It is! Although she does not last long outside in the cold because she is a princess and don’t like when her paws touch the cold ground.

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