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My Mom’s New Pesto

My mom told me about a new heart-healthy pesto that I had to try, so I did. I love pesto and have not been eating cheese lately (I know) so have not known how to handle this spring classic. I … Continue reading

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Let the Search Continue

My mom was not satisfied with my two attempts at her olive/pasta challenge, so I have another contender for her. I think this is the one. My last attempt was baked and her comment was that she was envisioning something … Continue reading

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Soups On

Winter is almost here and it is time for some soup. Now that I have the correct pan for soup, I thought this was an excellent idea. I didn’t have an immersion blender, which I didn’t think would be a … Continue reading

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I made this orzo and shrimp salad for a picnic this weekend. It has a mustard and dill dressing that I was not so sure about, but I really liked it. I was really worried about getting this salad to the … Continue reading

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Cheesy Shrimpy Thing Taste Test + Surprise

One of my staple meals is Cheesy Shrimpy Thing. The meal didn’t have a name so growing up it gradually went from “We are having the pasta with the shrimp and vegetables and brie” to “We are having the brie … Continue reading

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